About Us

WBKE Vegas Radio & All About the locals was created to provide a platform for Local Businesses to advertise and brand themselves. also providing a forum for the consumer and listener to find great deals from local gems around the City of las Vegas and of course listen to great tunes. WBKE was created by Husband/Wife team Vladimir and Peggy , utilizing their kids initials B…, K….., E…. that is where the BKE in WBKE came from; don’t ask about the W, that is an east coast thing. Once the station was live streaming, they soon discovered that providing people with a platform to host their own radio show was and is a reward in itself.

They are proud to announce that they have over 30 shows and more to come. From music to sports and of course talk, the are proud that the station has just been on the rise.

They hope to do great things in Vegas, since their tag line is “ALL ABOUT THE LOCALS”, which is unusual since everyone caters to the tourist rather than the actual folks who live in Vegas. Now partnering up with good organizations like East Valley Family Services and Bully Busters 702. WBKE Vegas Radio is hoping to stand by the tag line and become the Vegas Internet Station for the Las Vegas Community.

WBKE Vegas Radio is an internet radio station located in Las Vegas, Nevada, founded in March 2015 by Vladimir and Peggy Toussaint. Both here in Vegas by way of Miami, New York, and Atlanta, relocated to Las Vegas in 2012 with a vision. As new members of the community Vladimir and Peggy decided to give back by creating an avenue for struggling businesses to grow while promoting personal growth. WBKE Vegas Radio in collaboration with small businesses and non-profit organizations hope to provide the community with access to the many opportunities offered in the city of Las Vegas. These avenues are provided in the forms of entertainment, education, and charitable events in the greater metropolitan area. The core mission of WBKE Vegas Radio is to promote small businesses, education, and become the number one radio station for the locals in Las Vegas, Nevada. WBKE’s main focus are the members of the community and their drive to succeed. We are the only station in Las Vegas that places emphasis on the locals as a community. WBKE is not just a radio station it is and will continue to be part of our growing community and therefore vested in helping it succeed.
WBKE “All about the locals”